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邱賢宗 Professor & Dean

邱賢宗 Professor & Dean      
Chiu Hsien-Chung


1. Dean, School of Dentistry, National Defense Medical Center
2. Director, Graduate Institute of Dental Science, National Defense Medical Center
3. Director, Department of Dentistry, Tri-Service General Hospital

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Highest Education

NDMC, Ph.D. Institute of Medical Sciences


1. Chief, Division of Prosthodontics, Department of Dentistry, Tri-Service General Hospital
2. Attending Physician, Division of Periodontics, Department of Dentistry, Tri-Service General Hospital
3. Professor, School of Dentistry, National Defense Medical Center

Teaching subjects



3D Printing tissue engineering
Stem cells and periodontal regenerative medicine


1. Chao-Chien Hung Earl Fu, Huang-Chien Liang, Hsien-Chung Chiu (2019, Nov).
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2. Tat-Ming Lai, Po-Jan Kuo, Chi-Yu Lin, Yu-Tang Chin, Hsiao-Lun Lin Hsien-
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4. Tian-You Wang,Po-Jan Kuo , Earl Fu, Hsin-Yu Kuo, Nancy Nie-Shiuh
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angled implant placement on posterior mandible buccal/lingual plated
perforation: A virtual immediate implant placement study using CBCT . Journal
of Dental Sciences, 2019:14;234-240. (SCI). 本人為通訊作者.

5. Po-Jan Kuo, Tsung-Fu Hung, Chi-Yu Lin, Hsiang-Yin Hsiao, Min-Wen Fu, Po-
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6. Min-Wen Fu, E-Chin Shen, Earl Fu, Fu-Gong Lin, Tian-You Wang and Hsien-
Chung Chiu* (2017, Jun). Assessing Bone Type of lmplant Recipient Sites by
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the Assessment Using Dental Radiography. Journal of Periodontology,
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7. H-C.Chiu, M. M-J. Fu, T-S. Yang, E. Fu, C-Y. Chiang, H-P. Tu, Y-T. Chin, F-G.
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lipopolysaccharide and advanced glycation end-products on production of
interleukin-6/-8 by gingival fibroblasts. Journal of Periodontal Research,
2017;52:268-276. 本人為第一作者.

8. Po-Jan Kuo, Hsiao-Lun Lin, Chi-Yu Lin, Yu-Tang Chin, Hsiao-Pei Tu, Tat-Ming
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9. Fu E, Tsai MC, Chin YT, Tu HP, Fu MMJ, Chiang CY, Chiu HC*. (2015, Jun).
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activation in human gingival fibroblasts . Journal of Periodontal Research,
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10. Tu HP, Chen YT, Fu E, Shen EC, Wu MH, Chen YL, Chiang CY, Chiu HC*.
(2015, Mar). Cyclosporine-A enhances gingival ß-catenin stability via Wnt
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11. Fu MMJ, Fu E, Kuo PJ, Tu HP, Chin YT, Chiang CY, Chiu HC*. (2015, Jan).
Gelatinases and EMMPRIN are associated with cyclosporine-A induced
attenuation of periodontal degradation in rats . Journal of Periodontology ,
2015;86:82-90. 本人為通訊作者.

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