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邱國洲 Assistant Professor

邱國洲 Assistant Professor      
Chiu Kuo-Chou


Assistant Professor

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Highest Education



1. Chief, Division of Family Dentistry, Department of Dentistry, Tri-Service General Hospital
2. Attending Physician, Division of Oral Diagnosis, Department of Dentistry, Tri-Service General Hospital
3. Assistant Professor, School of Dentistry, National Defense Medical Center

Teaching subjects

1.Oral histology & embryology
2.Oral Pathology
3.Oral Diagnosis


1. Family Dentistry
2. Oral Pathology


1.Metformin-treated cancer cells modulate macrophage polarization through AMPK-NF-κB signaling. Chi-Fu Chiang, Ting-Ting Chao, Kuo-Chou Chiu, Yu-Fu Su, Shine-Gwo Shiah, Chien-Hsing Lee, Shyun-Yeu Liu, and Yi-Shing Shieh*. Oncotarget.2017. Accepte (IF:6.636,36/213)

2.r-Synuclein Expression is a malignant index in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Journal of Dental Research. J.C Cheng, M.T. Chiang,C.H.Lee, S.Y.Liu, K.C. Chiu, Y.T Chou, R.Y.Huang, S.M. Huang, Y.S. Shieh*. 2016:95(4):439-445 (IF:4.62, 1/91)

3.Polarization of tumor-associated macrophages and Gas6/Axl signaling in oral squamous cell carcinoma. K.C Chiu, C.H.Lee, S.Y. Liu, Y.T. Chou, R.Y Huang, S.M. Huang, Y.S. Shieh*. Oral Oncology. 2015:51(7):683-6891. (IF:3.75, 3/91)

4.Protumoral effect of macrophage through Axl activation on mucoepidermoid carcinoma. K.C Chiu, C.H Lee, S.Y. Liu, C.T Yeh, R.Y. Huang, D.Y. Yuh, J.C. Cheng, Y.T. Chou, Y.S. Shieh*. J oral pathology and medicine. 2014:43(7):538-544 (IF:1.859 , 25/91)

5.Frequency and distribution of mandibular condensing osteitis lesions in a Taiwanese population. H.W. Yeh, C.Y Chen, P.H. Chen, M,T, Chiang, K.C. Chiu, M.P. Chung, T.I. Li, C.C Su, Y.S. Shieh*. Journal of dental sciences.2015:10:291-295 (IF:0.795 , 75/91)

6.Evaluation of missing-tooth effect on aticular eminence inclination of temporomandibular joint. M.T. Chiang, T.I.Li, H.W.Yeh, C.C.Su, K.C.Chiu, M.P Chung, R.Y. Huang, Y.S. Shieh*. Journal of Dental Sciences.2015:10:383-387(IF:0.795, 75/91)

7.Carvernous hemangioma of the tongue- a case report and review of literatures. –C.W Chang, K.C.Chiu, Y.L.Wang, C.J. Wang*Taiwan J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2015:293-299

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