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Q1.How do we get to National Defense Medical Center? Can we ask for a tour?

A:Our college is located at No. 161 Sec. 6 Min-chuang E. Rd., Dist. Nei-hu, Taipei. To our campus, you may take buses like Routes 28, 240, 278, 284, 617, 645, 646, 903, Brown 1, Blue 20, and Blue 27.

Our campus is a military camp, not open for visits. But if applicants and their parents would like to have a campus tour, they may contact Major Yen at 02-87923100, ext. 18029, for assistance.
Q2.How many schools / departments can one apply to at a time?

A:One may apply to as many as 5 colleges / departments, with 2 departments at most for one college.

Q3.Should high school graduates always have to commonly apply through high schools?

A:a) If high school graduates would like to join the selection of National Defense Medical Center, high school drillmasters will commonly assist them to schedule a physical checkup. But students may also make appointments themselves. In addition to physical checkups, applicants should prepare all the other materials on their own.

Q4.Is there a limitation on the number of persons designated to apply?

A:Those who apply to other colleges may also apply to military colleges, and there is no limit on the number of persons designated to apply to military colleges (our college).

Q5.Can we apply to the studentship at the military, public AND our own expense at the same time?

A:Yes, but the applicants can apply to at most 2 departments at the same time (different studentship is regarded as different departments), and students can only choose 1 department to admitted to.

Q6.How do we schedule a physical checkup?

A:You may make a reservation online  and get yourselves advanced prepared according to the points for attention regulated in the admission procedures.

Q7.How do students who graduated beforehand apply to National Defense Medical Center?

A:Students who graduated beforehand and want to apply to National Defense Medical Center would have to proceed to the “Individual Application” under the “Student Selection for Military Schools”. 

Q8.Where can we acquire the admission procedure for National Defense Medical Center?

A:You may download it online or contact the military recruitment centers for the admission procedure (Northern Taiwan – No. 207 Sec. 2, Keelung Rd., Dist. Da-an, Taipei or No. 53 Ku-lun Street, Dist. Da-tung, Taipei; Central Taiwan – No. 111 Sec. 2 Ching-hai Rd., Dist. Si-tun, Taichung; Southern – No. 201 Zi-li-hsin Village, Dist. Zuo-yin, Kaohsiung).

Q9.Do candidates on the waiting list for admission to National Defense Medical Center need to submit all the materials required on the procedure?

A:Candidates on the waiting list for admission to National Defense Medical Center will be notified in turn by our center. Those who are admitted to our center shall turn in their agreement statement within 2 days of notification and report to the Department of Academics within 3 days of sending the statement ( deputy can be assigned to report in) . Materials have to be submitted on spot.

Q10.What are the credentials and materials to be submitted when graduate students report in?

A:Admission notice, original diploma of the highest degree, 6 photos in 2 inches, ID card, form of physical checkup (everything listed on the admission notice).

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