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      Under the great efforts of academician Chok-Yung Chai, former Dean of the
Institute,Dr. Cheng-Ping Ma, present Dean of the Institute, academician Da-you Wu,
former Academia Sinica President, and academician Cheng-Wen Wu, former Dean of
IBMS of Academia Sinica, the Graduate Institute of Life Sciences (here in after refer to
as the Institute) was formally established in 1992, aiming to foster talents with
international perspective on life science research and to develop interdisciplinary
life sciences research in line with international standards. 

      In July of 1997, the National Health Research Institutes joined the Institute to form
a co-organized team. In July of 2003, the Institute cooperated with Institute of Molecular
Biology,Academia Sinica to establish Molecular Cell Biology of Taiwan International
Graduate Program.Current discipline teams in the Institute include Molecular and
Cell Biology,Systems Biology,Sociobiology, Biotechnology and Chemical Biology. 
The purposes of the Institute are to foster professionals in the field of life science, and to 
enhance the level of domestic life science in order to achieve the aim of technology rooting.

     Faculties of the Institute of Life Science cover a total of four hundred researchers
of fourteen basic medicine and clinical medicine institute of National Defense
Medical Center
(Institute of Medical Science, Biology and Anatomy,
Physiology and Biophysics,Biochemistry,
Pharmacology, Microbiology & immunology,
Pathology and Tropical medicine, Aerospace Medicine,
Undersea Medicine, Dentistry,
Pharmacy, Public Health and Nursing),of life sciences related 
Institutes in Academia Sinica
(Institutes of Biomedical Sciences, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, 
Plant and Microbial Biology , Cellular and Organismic Biology, and Centers of
Biotechnology Research, Genomics Research and
Biological Diversity), of certain mathematical 
Sciences and Life Sciences Institute 
related to life sciences and of relevant research teams of the Research Institute for
the Team of Health. 
Currently, the Institute is directed by President of Tai-Lung Cha.     



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