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::: Office of Student Affairs

   As a national military academy, the school was assembled in accordance with the national military academies in the early years. After the Department of Defense, formerly known as the Political Warfare Department, enacted the “Military Education Ordinance” in 1999, the Students Affairs Office was ordered to be established in December 2000.

  This Office is an administrative unit of the School and is responsible for the psychological counseling of subordinated soldiers, community activities, patriotic education, welfare services, military security, and so on. On the performance of work, in addition to being responsible for the planning and implementation of the work of Student Affairs, it also timely helps the Corps of Cadets in life management and counseling. Furthermore, through student government cadres and organizations to help promote the work of student affairs, in order to develop students’ self-management conservation, and instill officers’ temperament, and thus help achieve the educational goals to “modernize military by cultivating patriotism, all-roundedness, technical skills and virtues, physical strength, humane care and a high degree of professionalism.”

   In accordance with the educational goals and business helm, this Office’s work includes development of student-affairs-related laws and regulations, community activities guide, promotion of the mentoring system, overseas students counseling, psychological counseling for officers and soldiers, and collection and exchange of views. The Office comprehensively handles the review of students’ significant incentives and penalties, grievances, and other student affairs and is also responsible for institute-wide news contact treatment, welfare services, condolences, comfort aid, security safeguards, and other political-warfare-related work in the army.

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