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Title:Study Visit from Thammasat University
Published day:2023/1/11


Last December 26th, the Deputy Director of Academic and Research Affairs, Office of Advanced Science and Technology (Prof. Nurak Grisdanurak) led a 7 people study group, whose members are mainly from the Laboratory Animal Center (LAC) of Thammasat University, to visit National Defense Medical Center (NDMC). The objective of this visit was to deepen exchange between LAC in Thammasat University and its counterpart in NDMC regarding studies about rodent and mid-size animal feeding management and facility operation.

In the morning, the President (General Tai-Lung Cha), the Director of NDMC-LAC (Ms. Mei-Cho Fang) and its three veterinarian (Mr. Chun-Lung Chiu, Ms. Chua-Yu Lee, and Mr. Di-Ying Chang), the Director (Prof. Jehng-Kang Wang), and the Deputy Director (Prof. Eagle Yi-Kung Huang) of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) received the study group in a welcome manner. At the school reception center, they exchanged gifts and took photos. After that, the members of the study group followed the members of NDMC-LAC to the animal center and gave each other an introduction to their respective schools and animal centers. Finally, they checked the feeding situation of various animals on the spot.

At noon, the study group was welcomed by OIA at the Center of Faculty Development (CFD). OIA prepared a relaxing buffet to stimulate further discussion between both sides. During lunch, the representative of Thammasat University showed interests in the Precious Common Instrument Center at NDMC. The Deputy Director (Prof. Eagle Yi-Kung Huang) spontaneously recommended a short visit to the Instrument Center after lunch. Prof. Huang and other staff of the Instrument Center made a brief presentation on the posters about the center’s most advanced machines and five research cores to the guests. They also reviewed the Proteomic Section and Cell Analysis Section.

To wrap up the visit, the animal technicians from Thammasat University and the veterinarians of NDMC-LAC shared their reflections on this visit with each other. They discussed deeply the different management and operational modes and their pros and cons. Hope that the study visit was a great success for both centers and schools in terms of enhancing technical knowledge and mutual understanding for the likelihood of future collaboration and visits.






  • Update Date:2023-11-28