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There are 219 faculty members in our school. 153 hold doctorate, 25 hold master’s degree and 41 hold bachelor’s degree. There are 54 professors, 72 associate professors, 74 assistant professors, and 18 lecturers.




(1) For the entrance exam, the master’s program is held in April, and the doctor’program is held in May.

(2) For the undergraduate program, examinees have to pass the Joint Military School Entrance Exam held in May and the Joint College Entrance Exam held in July.


Student Composition:

Doctorate Program:334

Master Program:358

Undergraduate Program: 1072

Total Students: 1764


School Regulation:

According to the University Law, the school regulation adopts the credit system same as the public university.


Academic & Research Collaboration


National Science Council

Ministry of National Defense

National Health Research Institute

Department of Health

Academia Sinica



USA: NIDA, University-Stanford, Indiana, Tulane, Colorado, Iowa, Alabama,Hawaii

Belgium: Lueven University

Finland: Jyvaskylan Polytechnic Institute

Teaching Hospital & Practice Institutions

Teaching Hospital:      Tri-Service General Hospital


Practice Institutions:    Taipei Veterans General Hospital,

Taichung Veterans General Hospital,

Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital,

Chi Mei Medical Center,

Synpac-Kingdom Pharmaceutical Co.,

Yung Shin Pharm. Ind. Co.,

Veterans Pharmaceutical Plant,

Health Centers in the northern Taiwan


Outlook for the Future

To Advance Medical Education

To Advance Research & Development of Military Medicine

To Enhance Academic & Research Collaboration with Domestic and Foreign Institutes

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