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General Affairs and Occupational Safety and Health

::: Department Brief Introduction

The General Services Division is responsible for the College personnel, logistics, and environmental safety businesses as follows:
Committing to, based on principle of rewarding excellence, improve the personnel quality and meet the quantity needs in order to achieve the highest goal of making the best possible use of men just finish it use and, based on the foundation of sound personnel legal system, to establish a consistent operating procedure measure of "selection, training, use , retired, auxiliary " to reserve excellence , preserve senior and promote metabolism in demand computation, complementary distribution, posting, promotion and retirement in order to comply with the objective of college motto of " Love and Loyalty, as well as to strengthen personnel management on the basis of giving full scope to the talents so as to combine the College business development with the future goal of National Army. In order to enable the Institute Personnel Management to reach "Just, Fair and Reasonable" and "Administration According to Law," standards, all critical operations such as important military position candidates, officer promotion and appraisal evaluation are to be publically reviewed by grouped evaluation committee so as to recruit competent, talent and capable people in order to achieve the goal of "modernization Military".
Being responsible for transport operations, clothing, forage appropriation, official residences application, the application and production of personnel identification cards, the construction, transfer and removal of barrack equipment, meeting entertainment, and subsidy applications and will uphold the spirit of service to continue to reap the greatest benefits for the whole hospital colleagues.
Environmental Safety:
Being responsible for college operating environment tests, public safety joint inspections, management plan contract, employee health management programs (including colleagues and students), fire safety equipment maintenance and reporting operations, inspection reporting operations for building fire safety facilities and equipment safety, as well as general and infectious waste clearance and disposal, utilization applications for EPA controlling Toxic Chemical Substances, new staff environmental safety trainings, removals of radioactive and laboratory waste, and the cleanness for main buildings and the external environments.
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