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Title:NDMC hosts Thammasat University and the Catholic University of Korea for the 9th Joint Symposium
Published day:2023/7/4


Thammasat University and the Catholic University of Korea visited National Defense Medical Center for the Joint Symposium during 15 of June and 17 of June in 2023. The Joint Symposium has been held for 9 years with three schools taking turn to co-host it each year. After the pandemic, the academics from three schools can finally gather together to have face to face concrete academic and cultural exchange. 

National Defense Medical Center collaborated with the Tri-Service General Hospital to offer an impressive program, including a half day visit to various units in the school and hospital, a symposium, a gala dinner, and a sightseeing tour.

The program started with a reception from the Research Vice President, Dr. Chin-Bin Yeh, in the Tri-Service General Hospital. After a warm welcome from the Vice President, guests were ushered by the Director, Hsueh-Hsing Pan, and the Professor, Yu-Ju Chen, of the School of Nursing to Center for Precision Medicine and Genomics and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center. Following a pleasant tour in the hospital, NDMC gave an introduction to the Combat and Disaster Casualty Care Center, Laboratory Animal Center, and Precious Common Instrument Center. The half day visit ended with a reception from the President of NDMC, General Tai-Lung Cha.

The main part of the program occurred on the second day in the format of a Joint Symposium. The Joint Symposium on Precision Health was convening academics (faculty members and graduate students mainly) and practitioners from the fields of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Aerospace and Undersea Medicine, etc. for a constructive academic dialogue. The Joint Symposium presented 80 participants with 3 keynote speeches, 14 oral presentations, and 19 posters. After informative sharing and discussions, invited guests gathered in a gala dinner to celebrate their achievements. Faculty members and students of the School of Nursing, Public Health, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology enriched the gala dinner with entertaining performances.

Another highlight was the one-day sightseeing tour organized by the Office of International Affairs. On the third day, the office staff brought the guests to Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen Old Street, and Shifen Old Street to experience fruitful culture in the northern part of Taiwan, appreciating the special geographical landscape and the arts of tea making and drinking and releasing sky lanterns.

The 9th Joint Symposium has reached the productive outcomes of academic and cultural exchange while promoting the professional side of NDMC and the Tri-Service General Hospital. According to the survey, most participants feel satisfied with the overall organization. Above 90 % of them look forward to the next Joint Symposium.




  • Update Date:2023-11-28