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Title:[Event Wrap-Up] The 8th Overseas Lab Exchange Achievements
Published day:2023/10/3


On September 19th, the Office of International Affairs held the first publicly presented overseas lab exchange event at Classroom 33, following the resolution of the pandemic. The registration numbers reached our target within two weeks and there were more than 40 people registered at the desk on the day of the event. Based on the event survey, the largest portion of students motivated to sign up for the event accounts for “a significant interest for overseas (lab) exchange program”, which comprises 85%. There were approximately 160 people attended the event and the majority are first-year freshman, which accounts for more than one-third of the total participants.

The event is honored to invite 7 judges qualified in the basic and clinical medical sciences, who are working at NDMC and our affiliated teaching hospital, tri-service general hospital. The nine presenters, consisting of fifth and fourth-grade students (M119 and M120) from the department of medicine, accumulated extensive academic experience by joining experimental projects led by eminent professors in the field of medicine from prestigious universities in the United States. Upon their return, they presented their remarkable research findings to senior officials, judges and the audience during the event. The overall evaluation for the event reaches 4.5 points out of 5.

The overseas lab exchange program hosted by our director (J.K. Wang) has long dedicated to encouraging our campus students to participate in overseas laboratories, where they engage in experimental projects led by scientific professors from top-tier universities in the United States. Students not only fulfill their dreams of international exchange but also enhance their laboratory skills. These efforts lay a steadfast foundation for their future academic and career path. Our office will continue to actively promote this program to assist students in advancing to renowned universities worldwide, thereby leveling up their laboratory skills. Furthermore, we are keen to explore opportunities to engage students in joining exchanges in more countries. In the end, this program will also benefit NDMC’s efforts in cultivating overseas talents. 






  • Update Date:2023-11-28