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Institute of Biology and Anatomy

::: Biology and Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy was originally founded by Dr. S.W. Lin as the Department of Biomorphics at Twu-Yun-Kuan, in Kweichow province in 1943, and renamed the Department and Graduate Institute of Biology and Anatomy in 1983. The department teaches anatomy and biology courses and their corresponding laboratory courses to provide students with professional training in military medicine. The Graduate Institute of Biomorphics was established in Taipei in 1966. This multidisciplinary graduate program is designed to fine-tune students' ability for logical thinking, to acquaint them with the use and application of modern research techniques, and to instill in themselves-reliance and the ability for self-learning and problem solving in the study of life sciences.
The Department and Graduate Institute, whose outstanding faculty has 6 associate professors, 1 assistant professors and 1 instructors, provides an excellent learning and research environment with the most modern equipment, including two transmission electron microscopes, a laser confocal microscope, a microinjection system, qualified cell culture rooms, image analysis system, PCR machines, and ultracentrifuge etc. At present there are 8 independent laboratories devoted to multiple research interests in the fields of cell and molecular biology, neuroscience, and bone biology. The foci of the ongoing research in these laboratories include: cell and molecular mechanisms of spontaneous hypertension, reproductive biology, genetic engineering of snake venom proteins, neural plasticity in the CNS and neural stem cell, microglia research, bone biology and tissue engineering, and biosafety. 
Our research achievements are clearly evident in the numerous research papers published in renowned scientific journals and periodicals. In fact, some of the technologies we have developed have received patents. In addition to research, we are also actively involved in medical education reform, and have successfully integrated gross anatomy, histology and embryology into human structure, and have incorporated neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and part of neurology and neurosurgery to neuroscience. We welcome anyone who is interested in the life sciences to join our teaching and research team.

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