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::: 2.Introduction


 The National Defense Biomedical Engineering Research Center has been founded in accordance withthe “Guideline for the Biomedical Engineering Research Center Cofounded through Cooperation by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (TUST) and National Defense Medical Center (NDMC).” In addition, the main 4-storey NDMC buildinghas been set up though concertedefforts of the center’s research team made up of teachers, students, and medical staff (including NDMC and Tri-service General Hospital ) from both schools. Through the cooperationproject, funds have been solicited internally and externally. On the two sides of the center’slogo are the logos of theNDMC and TUST, which represent the two schools’strengthened academic exchanges and seek of teaching and research cooperation, as well as strategic alliances. The logo from outside in shows a gear, snake staff, and ECG that represent “engineering R&D”, “medicine”, and biomedical informatics” respectively. Hence, the center engages in development and research through the combination of the three, with hopes of applying the center’s R&D results in offering assistance, treatment, or maintenance of life subsistence, thereby improving the living convenience.

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